About us

SveKub has roots dating back to around 2004, meaning it was formed around the time of the first cubing competitions in Sweden. In varying degrees of formality, the organization has continuously worked towards developing Speedcubing in Sweden, by for example purchasing competition equipment and handling funds between competitions.

The organization was formally established at a constituent meeting on March 6:th 2021. Since then, the work has progressed in a more organized manner, and the organization is run by a board elected by the members. An English translation of the bylaws can be found here.

The board

The following is the board for 2021.

Viktor ZenkChairviktor.zenk@svekub.se
Daniel HermanssonTreasurerdaniel.hermansson@svekub.se
Daniel WallinBoard memberdaniel.wallin@svekub.se
Axel FlordalBoard memberaxel.flordal@svekub.se
Helmer EwertBoard memberhelmer.ewert@svekub.se
Toni BeljoBoard membertoni.beljo@svekub.se

All board members can be reached through the mailing list styrelse@svekub.se.

The board meets on a regular basis. Due to being spread out geographically, as well as the ongoing pandemic, the board meetings are held digitally. The minutes from these meetings can be found here: