Upcoming competitions

Upcoming competitions

Here you can find all upcoming competitions in Sweden. Click on a competition to get to the competition's WCA page, where you will find all the information.

Do you want to find out more about how going to a competition works? Read more on the page About competing!

SveKub Super League I: Falkenberg 2023Falkenberg28-29 januari 2023
Stockholmsligan 2: Spurs – 2023Sollentuna1 februari 2023
Vardagscubing II – Ålidenskolan Open A 2023Flen3 februari 2023
Vardagscubing II – Ålidenskolan Open B 2023Flen3 februari 2023
Herrljunga Open 2023Herrljunga11-12 februari 2022
Stockholmsligan 3: The Hammers – 2023Tumba16 februari 2023
Kalmar Cubing 2023Kalmar18-19 februari 2023
SveKub Super League II: Hässleholm 2023Hässleholm4-5 mars 2023
FMC-SM 2023Flera städer28 maj 2023
SM 2023Kalmar3-5 juni 2023

The competitions are sponsored by the cube store Cuboss.se. Read more about the prizes given out by Cuboss on the competitions' WCA pages.