Registering as a SveKub member is both free and easy, but still an excellent way to support the organization. Both because it means that we are growing as an organization, but also because we get government grants based on the number of members (aged 6 - 25). The membership also brings some benefits for you, read more on them below. Memberships are only available to those with a Swedish personal identity number.

Our goal is that all Swedes participating in our competitions should be members of the organization.

SveKub is a part of Sverok (Spelhobbyförbundet). When you become a member of SveKub you therefore also become a member of Sverok, and they are responsible for our membership registering system. Learn more about Sverok on their website.
The membership is valid until the end of the calendar year, and must actively be renewed. When the new year begins, you will therefore receive an email from us reminding you to renew your membership.

Due to requests from members there is also an option to voluntarily pay 250 SEK per year to further support the organization. If you wish to do so you can add it when registering.

Benefits for members

  • Always 25% discount on competition fees!
  • Travel discount from SJ. Read more and book on Sverok's website. Lösenord krävs, som du som är medlem kan få genom att mejla Sverok (eller oss).
  • Hotel discounts from Scandic and Nordic Choice. Read more on Sverok's website.
  • You are supporting SveKub, and allow us to organize more and better competitions 💪

Update membership data

If you are already a member you can update your personal data here. Fill out the form and we will get it done as quickly as possible. If you are not yet a member you can become one here.