About competing

Why compete?

We all enjoy to cube at home, and to push ourselves to get faster. But going to a competition adds a whole new dimension to the hobby.

Competitions are not just for finding out who is the fastest. At competitions we have the possibility to meet, learn from each other, and have a good time together.
Alla är välkomna på tävlingarna, vare sig du löser på sekunder eller minuter. Alla tävlar mot alla, det finns inga åldersklasser eller åldersgränser.
When you compete at an official competition you will get a WCA profile where all your results and personal bests are collected. You will also be seen on the Worldand National Ranking.

If you would like some extra inspiration we warmly recommend Chris Olsen's video Just Go, where famous cubers talk about their first competitions.

Find a competition and register

You can find all coming competitions in Sweden on the page Upcoming competitions here on our website.
All competitions can also be found on the WCA website. There you can also filter on other countries, past competitions, and more.

You can find all the information about the competition's WCA page, which is also where you can register. Note that you need to create a WCA account to register.

Also don't forget to register as a SveKub member to enjoy a 25% discount on registration fees, and also support us.

How do competitions work?

The WCA Regulations are what determine how competitions operate. As a competitor you should read the regulations to understand how the competition process works, avoid time penalties, and more.
We have also translated the regulations to Swedish, but keep in mind that the English version holds priority if there are any differences in wording.

You can find the WCA Regulations on the WCA website, read them in English or Swedish..

To aid new competitors there is also a Competitor Tutorial which summarizes the regulations and explain the competition process.
We can also recommend watching this video which explains the competition process.

At competitions there is usually no dedicated staff, we all help out with judging, scrambling, and running for the groups we are not competing in.
When you arrive at the competition you will receive a personal schedule where you can find which groups you are competing in, and which groups you need to help out with staffing.
It is very important that everyone follows their personal schedules, and help out when they are scheduled to. If you can't help out in some round you have to inform about this as early as possible, so that someone else can fill your spot.

There are only personal schedules for the first round of each event, since we don't know who will advance beforehand. In subsequent rounds everyone needs to help out. Listen to the organizers when they ask for help!

If you have any question you are always welcome to contact the organizer, delegate, or SveKub. We are happy to help!