Organizing a competition

Organizing a competition

Cubing competitions don't just appear out of thin air, someone has to organize them. Sometimes we at SveKub organise our own competitions, but often there is another organiser too, for example a cuber who wants a competition in their home town.

Anyone can organize competitions. It's fun and rewarding, and as an organizer you choose how much time and energy you want to put in. We'll help you with everything you don't want to or can't do yourself!

On this page we've put together some resources to help you get started.


The most important responsibility for an organizer is the venue. Perhaps you have been to a few competitions, and know of a venue near you that would be suitable? A first step then is to find out what the venue costs to hire, sometimes this is available on the venue's website, and sometimes you need to contact the venue and ask.

A good venue should have:

  • A large open floor space (a guideline is at least about 5 m2 per competitor)
  • Plenty of tables and chairs
  • Access to parking and public transport
  • Preferably a microphone and speakers

For competitions lasting more than one day, it is often appreciated if competitors can sleep in the venue. Please check with the venue if this is possible, and if so what is required from us (for example, you may need to notify the emergency services of how many people will be staying overnight).


For a competition to be considered official, the rules of the World Cube Association (WCA) must be followed. One of these rules is that there must be at least one WCA delegate at the competition. In Sweden there are currently 6 delegates, Anders Berggren, Daniel Wallin, Viktor Zenk, Helmer Ewert, Leo Lindqvist, and Peter Hugosson-Miller. At least one of these must be able to come to the competition, so it is important that you contact us relatively early in your planning so that a suitable date can be found that suits the venue, a delegate, yourself, and does not clash with other competitions.


A competition can have quite a high turnover. The registration fees collected should mainly cover the rent of the venue, but also smaller expenses such as transport of equipment and printing.

Du som arrangör behöver dock inte riskera dina egna pengar. När du arrangerar en tävling med oss går SveKub in med förlustgaranti, och täcker alltså upp om tävlingen skulle gå back. På samma sätt går också eventuellt överskott till SveKub. Vi siktar alltid på att varje tävling ska gå lite plus, så att ny utrustning med mera kontinuerligt kan köpas in.

För att detta ska gälla ska varje tävling ha en budget som godkänns av oss. Den behöver inte vara avancerad, men den visar att du räknat på intäkterna och utgifterna, och att det går ihop. Använd gärna vår mall (se nedan) och fyll i uppgifterna.


Competitions can look very different. Sometimes they are several days with all 17 events and several rounds in each, and sometimes they are just one day with a few events. You can use our template for creating a schedule (see below). It is a good tool to calculate how long each round will take.

Of course, here too you do as much as you can and want to. It can be anything from you making the whole schedule yourself, to just suggesting which events to include and us making the schedule.

Resources and templates

In this Google Drive folder, we have gathered resources to help you plan, such as schedule and budget templates. To edit the documents you need to copy them to your own drive, or download the files and edit in Excel.

Businesses and events

Businesses and organizations can also organize competitions with us, we are always open to suggestions! For example, we have held competitions at Science Centres in the past, which have been appreciated by both regular visitors and cubers travelling long distances.

Do you have an idea you want to share with us? Get in touch!

Get started

Do you want to organize a competition? Register your interest by filling in the form with your thoughts.

You don't have to be finished with the planning, but fill in as much as you know so far and we'll be in touch to continue the planning together!

Info about the competition

Enter as much as you know so far, the rest can be left blank.

We will then contact you and plan further together.

Here you can also provide links to budget and/or schedule documents if you have them.