Welcome to SveKub

Svenska Kubförbundet, or SveKub, is an organization working towards developing and organizing Speedcubing competitions in Sweden.

On this site, you will find information about competitions and our work. Most pages are available in English, but some are unfortunately not.



Speedcubing is the hobby of solving the Rubik's Cube and similar puzzles as quickly as possible.

Hundreds of competitions are held around the world each year, under the framework and regulations from the World Cube Association (WCA). Apart from competing for the fastest times, the competitions are also a place for us to meet, learn from each other, and have a good time. The competitions are open for everyone, whether you solve the cube in a few seconds or a few minutes, so don't hesitate to give it a try!

SveKub is recognized by the WCA as the official organization for Speedcubing in Sweden, and we regularly organize competitions around the country. We also organize the Swedish Championship each year, where we crown a Swedish champion in all 17 events.


Swedish citizens can register for membership in SveKub.
The membership is free and supports us in our work. The more members we are, the more we can achieve.

Swedish records

Current Swedish records from official competitions in all events, both single solve and average.
There are links to the videos of records where it is available.

Elvin Thorsen4.813x3x36.69Elvin Thorsen
Elvin Thorsen0.642x2x21.45William Jensen
Toni Beljo23.034x4x425.68Toni Beljo
William Jensen44.825x5x551.94William Jensen
Alvar Nylén1:26.806x6x61:37.65William Jensen
William Jensen2:17.257x7x72:24.08William Jensen
Daniel Wallin16.343x3x3 Blindfolded17.67Jakob Gunnarsson
Theodor Nordstrand183x3x3 Fewest moves22.00Theodor Nordstrand
Jakob Gunnarsson7.743x3x3 One-handed10.87Dante Wallin Arvidsson
Samuel Eklund-Hanna3.47Clock4.45Samuel Eklund-Hanna
Jakob Gunnarsson35.87Megaminx40.62Simon Westlund
Simon Nilsson1.22Pyraminx2.04Elvin Thorsen
Marcus Moberg1.39Skewb2.55Marcus Moberg
Helmer Ewert5.77Square-17.21Helmer Ewert
Daniel Wallin1:23.274x4x4 Blindfolded1:30.79Daniel Wallin
Daniel Wallin3:38.685x5x5 Blindfolded4:39.14Daniel Wallin
Daniel Wallin41/41 58:043x3x3 Multi-blind